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    Should I be registered to visit the store?

    No.  It is not required to be registered to visit our store. You can move around all sections and see our products without having to register.


    Should I be registered to buy?

    Yes. You can simply log into “Login” and fill in the data we request. You can always change your data from the “MY ACCOUNT”.


    How do I find products?

    You can access all products through "BY CATEGORY" or "BY PRODUCER" in the left menu. You can also access to bestsellers and featured products at the "Home" page.

    If you prefer, you'll find a search box in the top of the page.


    How do I add a product to my basket?

    Whether from the home page, from any of the category pages or the product page itself you will see the button "Add to cart". You must prick in many products as interests you. During the checkout process you can change the quantities and add the units you need.


    Can I change my basket?

    Yes. At any time before confirming your purchase you can access to “Basket” and change it. You can remove items and change quantities of products you have added to your basket.


    How do I confirm my order?

    Once you have chosen all the products and quantities you want, you must click the  “Basket to go into the purchase process. It has these 5 steps:

    - Summary: with your purchase summary.
    - Registro: to complete your information.
    - Address: to complete your delivery address.
    - Transport: to select your transport option.
    - Payment: to select your payment method.


    How do I use a discount code?

    In the first step "Summary"you'll see the "Coupons" section where you need to enter your discount code. Enter it, click the "OK" button and you will see as you apply the discount automatically.

    If you need to send us any questions, you can contact us HERE.