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    We answer some questions...


    Is it safe to buy in

    Yes. It's completely safe. From DNAartisan we guarantee complete confidentiality of your data, both at the time of registration as at the time of purchase.


    Is VAT included in the price of products?

    Yes. All products are priced with VAT included.


    How much is shipping?

    Simple: for all deliveries in the peninsula (Spain and Portugal) shipping price is 4.95 € and if your order exceeds 100 € (including VAT) shipping is FREE.

    For deliveries in Balearic the price depends on the weight of transport:


    From 0 to 2 kgFrom 3 to 4 kgFrom 4 to 6 kgFrom 6 to 8 kgFrom 8 to 10 kg
    Balearics10,26 €15,72 €21,56 €26,85 €32,13 €



    19,95€ - EUROPE 1: France

    22,95€ - EUROPE 2: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Luxembourg

    28,95€ - EUROPE 3: Italy, Austria and the UK

    39,95€ - EUROPE 4: Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ireland, Hungary, Latvia and Estonia

    49,95€ - EUROPE 5: Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Finland


    For all other locations, contact us HERE.


    What is the delivery time?

    Deliveries are from Monday to Friday, taking into account:

    - For orders placed before 12:00 pm (GMT) the delivery time is 24 hours.
    - For orders placed from 12:00 (GMT) the delivery time is 48 hours.

    Deliveries to Europe are also from ​Monday to Friday, taking into account the following areas:

    - Europe 1: 2 days.
    - Europe 2: 3 days.
    - Europe 3: 4 days.
    - Europe 4: 5 days.
    - Europe 5: 6 days.

    These are the usual terms, it is possible that for different reasons the delivery is delayed in 24 hours.


    What is the availability of products?

    All products in the store are in stock except for those indicating "NO STOCK" (we try to have stock in the shortest term, taking into account that some of the producers have a limited production capacity so that these periods can be longer).

    If you have any other questions you can contact us HERE.