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    Our producers

    Its history

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sarda - Historia

    Our beginnings in the cultivation of vines dating from 1862, on the property of Cal Janes, in the municipality of El Pla del Penedès. In those days elaborated the wine growers in the properties and sold to traders.

    In 1982 the family begins in the world of wines and champagnes, producing their first bottles in the small family cellar Ca l'Avi (Subirats). In no time the volume of production increases so they had to expand facilities, was then, in 1986, when it begins to produce wines and cavas where are our existing facilities in the district of Les Tarumbes (El Pla Penedès).

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Historia

    During all these years of dedication to the vineyard, the family has gone through an understanding of the environment and the earth, and thus have been able interact with nature and work on it. Maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and develop a sustainable cultivation has resulted in land can be expressed in fruit. Our wines and champagnes want to be the expression of those qualitative characteristics that define our land and our climate.

    A "terroir" quality, an ideal climate, the accumulated experience in working with these elements, using the most advanced technologies, and a committed and professional group, do we believe in this project, which will solidify day.


    How they produce:

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sarda - Historia

    Our experience tells us that in order to develop a distinctive wine, grape must have time and space to physically perform its natural cycle.

    The balance of production is based. The low production, organic farming and ripest are some of the basics for us.

    In Alsina Sarda technology is an important complement, but just that, a supplement: the raw material is critical to the final quality of a wine item.

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Vendimia

    The harvest is done manually at optimum ripeness day. The grapes are subjected to maceration at low temperature in order to get the most of staying in the Hollejo aromatics and essential polyphenols (tannins and antociuanos) to pink and red.

    A maceration time, the pressing is performed at low pressure getting only 55 percent of the must for the production of quality wines. Later the must is decanted by gravity for 48 hours. Fermentation takes place then at low temperature to preserve freshness and aromas.

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Elaboración

    Nuestros vinos de finca se obtienen a partir de un proceso muy cuidadoso y selectivo que nos permite mantener su tipicidad.

    En cuanto a los vinos y coupages seleccionados para nuestros cavas, nos regimos por criterios como la capacidad de mejorar con la crianza. La duración de la crianza es una variable fundamental en nuestros cavas. Esta lenta evolución tiene lugar bajo la protección de la oscuridad y la frescura que podemos encontrar bajo tierra, donde reposan nuestras botellas para poder dar a luz un cava de la más alta calidad.


    Awards, prizes and quality labels to highlight:

    - Denominació d'Origen Penedès

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Denominació d'Origen Penedès

    - Consejo Regulador CAVA

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Consejo Regulador CAVA

    - Mezquita de Oro 2011 y Concurso Mundus Vini 2012

    Brut Nature Gran Reserva Especial 2008 Alsina&Sardà

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Mezquita de Oro 2011             ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Concurso Mundus Vini 2012

    - Medalla de Plata Concurso Mundial de Bruselas 2011 y Medalla de Bronce Decanter Wine Awards 2011

    Finca La Boltana 2012 Alsina&Sardà

    ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Medalla Plata Concurso Mundial Bruselas 2011             ADNartesano - Alsina&Sardà - Medalla de bronce Decanter Wine Awards 2011

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